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The Cost Of Employee Stress

One of the biggest frustrations you face as an employer is managing sickness absence. For every day an employee has off sick, you are paying sick pay, but also the cost of covering their workload by overtime or agency workers.

You may feel you are stuck between a rock and a hard place.  Your customers are demanding the very best service, but your employees are seemingly having difficulty maintaining the pace.

Whilst you can be sympathetic to unexpected illness, it is often frequent absences that are the most costly and complaints of stress are frequently heard regardless of the size of the business.

In fact, stress accounts for 45% of sick days taken.

The real cost to your business

It's easy to dismiss 'stress' as a buzzword bandied around by the weak or lazy. You may have even tried to discipline staff, only to find their absences increase. Even the best workers can suffer stress as a result of to a major change in personal circumstances.

You may already be painfully aware of the real cost to your business, such as:
  • Decreased performance from individuals, as they struggle to maintain targets.
  • Employees four times more likely to leave, costing 150% of their annual salary to replace them.
  • Decreased motivation and loyalty. Staff who were once passionate about their job are now producing the bare minimum to get their pay check.
  • An increase in customer complaints, as their expectations of your service are not being met.

You could try to ignore the problem, or you could invest in a unique service that will help build your employees resilience to stress, and increase their sense of work life balance.

Why is it your concern?

If stress plays such a significant role in absence in the workplace, we need to get to the root of the problem. What causes stress? How can we prevent it? How can we combat it? Which areas of our lives does it affect?
Most importantly, what can you do, as an employer, to help improve your staff's attendance rate, and ultimately, your bottom line?

"Every £1 invested in well-being in the workplace yields £3-£6 in improved efficiency and productivity"

Dame Carol Black, Senior Policy Advisor

IDG observed that employee wellbeing is made up of Three Pillars: physical, psychological, and social, each designed to address the causes of stress and lack of motivation.
The problem is that the vast majority of staff benefit programmes don’t address any of these, while many only address one.

A unique staff benefits package

Our one-of-a-kind benefits package directly addresses The Three Pillars of Wellbeing. Our over 150 events per month (link to main website calendar) are designed towards improving physical, psychological, and social fitness, ensuring that your staff’s wellbeing is being looked after, body, mind, and soul.

Your employers will have access to an extensive range of events and classes, each ready to enhance your employees' mental wellbeing and reduce stress, including:

  • Over 150 free professionally-hosted events each month, including restaurant meals, comedy, sport and cinema.
  • Free Fitness classes and Walks in the Country.
  • Low-cost City and Activity Breaks with fellow professionals.
  • Classes and Workshops to increase knowledge and confidence, including cookery and languages.
  • A diverse range of pure fun social events for all ages and abilities.

Social Circle Wellbeing is an offspring of founder company Social Circle, now in its 11th year.
We have been catering to the wellbeing of Manchester’s individuals since 2007.
Now it’s your turn!

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86% of members surveyed reported that social circle helped address work life balance.

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Pillars Of Wellbeing

Pillars Of Wellbeing

Find out more about the three Pillars Of Wellbeing

How It Works

How It Works

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  • Open to all employers regardless of size or turnover.
  • No Hidden Costs.
  • Social circle is the first of its kind in the UK.
  • No Lengthy Contracts.
  • The only commitment is the one you make to add value to the lives of your employees.

Social Circle is an employee benefits package with a difference.
When your company signs up with Social Circle, your staff will receive access to a packed calendar of organised events.
From health and exercise sessions, sport, cinema, culture, walking trips, sightseeing tours, restaurant meals, 
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