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Our parent company Social Circle is now in its second decade of connecting people in Manchester. Having served hundreds of individuals in that time, a recurring theme we have heard from our members over the years is that they wished for a more-rounded wellbeing programme within their company; more specifically, one not unlike Social Circle. After an assessment of our skills and experience, as well as what is needed from the marketplace, Social Circle Wellbeing was born.
In setting out it strategic ambition, Social Circle Wellbeing realised that it was needed to develop a programme that comprised the three pillars of wellbeing i.e. physical fitness, social skills, and psychological wellbeing. We determined that the programme should engage the employees to where they become more rounded individuals and more able to contribute to an improved organisational performance.
Any wellbeing programme requires participants, of course, so how can one easily engage employees; especially those who traditionally have shied away from any such involvement? Branding is key, as is making the programme fun and exciting. Social Circle has earned a strong reputation in offering events to individuals in Manchester for over 10 years and we felt that this was the right time to extend our established branding into the corporate market. Our events, while they have numerous other benefits, are certainly fun, as our members have testified. We also believe that understanding the demographics of the company and pitching the activities accordingly can be an effective strategy.
It is important that the programme is available to employees outside of work hours so that they can access any wellbeing activities open to them. The events also need to be kept fresh and adapt to any emerging health trends and issues. At Social Circle Wellbeing, we ensure that our activities align with trends in health and fitness to ensure that your employees are receiving maximum benefit.
Social Circle Wellbeing
We have always had a willingness to remain agile and listen to our customers when it comes to putting together our calendar of events to ensure maximum participation, and we are more than happy to discuss with you any needs you may have in that area. We believe that using the data that already exists within your company, in order to gain knowledge on the issues being faced by your staff, is critical in determining which activities to offer. Most organisations sit on valuable data assets regarding employee wellness. We will help you assess which activities are best for your employees, in order for us to produce a more effective member of staff.
The social events and activities offered by Social Circle Wellbeing are diverse enough for each employee to find something that interests them e.g. book clubs and meditation to fitness classes and walks to meals out and theatre nights. We have spent over 10 years exploring what Manchester has to offer and we use that knowledge to create offer new experiences to our members each and every month. Each event is staged in a fun, relaxed, natural, and safe setting.
One underpinning goal of Social Circle Wellbeing is to encourage employees to make lifestyle choices, whether that be through physical fitness, learning new skills, or engaging with others. So the programme isn’t primarily driven by company objectives. If the individual perceives that the programme is designed with themselves in mind, it ultimately benefits the company. After all, your employees will be engaging with other professionals when they will surely be talking about YOUR company.
We believe that, while a wellbeing strategy can have an immediate impact, that its optimal benefit lies in the long-term. We have a passionate belief and a clear vision when it comes to engaging your employees in our wellbeing programme.
At Social Circle, we have seen our members improve in confidence and physical fitness, and from that we recognised a need for a more complete wellbeing programme within the workplace. Social Circle Wellbeing began as a response to that recognition.
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