Three Elements Of Workplace Wellbeing

The problem with most wellbeing programmes is that they have a tendency to be one-dimensional, focusing only on the physical aspect of an individual. We’re no different in this one respect: we believe that physical health is vital. However, we also believe that the other two elements of workplace wellbeing (psychological and social) deserve equal attention.

We can help you foster a wellbeing culture that embraces all three aspects of workplace wellbeing. By adopting a strategy to achieve this, the result will be increased participation, engagement, and involvement, and ultimately, a stronger and more productive workforce.

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Three Elements Of Workplace Wellbeing


Too often, there is too little value placed on an employee’s psychological wellbeing. They may be in fine physical shape, but it isn’t always easy to identify that they may not, internally, be feeling at their best. After all, how an individual feels inside directly aligns with their motivation level. While he or she may be sat at their desk and producing work, what if he felt motivated to do more? By reigniting their sense of purpose and worthwhile goals, it will help to ensure that he or she produces their best work. However, it all begins with adopting the right mindset, and let’s face it: sometimes we need a helping hand.


Of course, physical fitness is also crucial. If your employee is in poor physical condition, the more susceptible he or she is to illness. Staff ill health has financial implications for organisations through absenteeism, staff turnover, early retirement, and loss of production. The benefits of physical fitness aren’t limited to the body, either. Among the most common reasons for work-related sickness absence is stress, costing the UK economy between £2.7bn and £7bn, annually. Physical fitness has proven to reduce anxiety, and single sessions of moderate exercise have proven to improve recovery from stressors and reduce short term reactions to stress. At Social Circle Wellbeing, we provide a range of fitness classes each and every month to enhance your employees’ physical health. We also hold workshops on areas, such as nutrition, to educate them on the importance of all aspects of physical health and fitness.


Addressing the employee’s social wellbeing is an essential part of developing a productive member of the workforce. A socially confident employee knows how to effectively communicate with colleagues to ensure that they have everything they need to complete their tasks. He or she is also happy and motivated and ready to go, whether on Friday afternoon or Monday morning. Further, they will develop an ability to more easily build friendships leading to improved relationships within the workplace, and, in turn, contributing to an improved sense of team among the workforce.

It is said that 'a chain is no stronger than its weakest link'. We ensure that your weakest link becomes a strength and your strongest link becomes even stronger!


86% of members surveyed reported that social circle helped address work life balance.

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