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Benefits Of Social Circle Wellbeing

We organise and run 150+ monthly events to boost your employees' wellbeing, and help your company maximise it's productivity.

Reduced Absenteeism

Absenteeism is lower in staff that report higher levels of wellbeing [1]  [2]
The latest data (from 2018) shows 141.4 million days were lost to sickness in the UK [3]
Enjoying the range of Social Circle Wellbeing events free to your employees increases staff feelings of wellbeing.

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Performance & Productivity

Happy staff = more productive staff. The link between staff wellbeing and increased levels of productivity has been established[3]
Successful companies invest in their employees: more than 80% of employees say they work harder when their employer shows appreciation to the job they do [6]
Our wellbing package boosts employee satisfaction, self-worth and wellness, leading to a happier and more productive workforce.

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Employee Retention

Intangible factors such as staff satisfaction, happiness and connectedness can be as important as salary in an individuals employment choices. Companies are recognising that wellbeing and happiness initiatives play an important role in staff retention [7] [8]
Social Circle Wellbeing make it easy for you to improve the wellbeing of your workforce, and give staff another reason to stay with you.

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Improve Recruitment

Staff recruitment can be costly, and attracting the right staff for your business can be key to its success. Offering over 150 extracurricular diverse events is an extremely valuable and attractive benefit to offer to your employees in their benefits packages.
Extracurricular activities are increasingly used by companies to increase staff wellbeing, and improve staff retention and recruitment [8] - Social Circle Wellbeing makes this easy and cost effective for you.

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Team Cohesion

Meeting colleagues outside a work context to enjoy an activity, learn a new skill, or just socialise, will strengthen relationships, lead to reliance, trust and a positive work environment.
We don't offer specific team building exercises, but believe true cohesion is built in real world, enjoyable scenarios, when colleagues can enjoy each other's company.

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Employee Satisfaction

High levels of employee satisfaction are linked to employee retention, increased performance [3] and less time off sick [2]. Evidence suggests a significant and positive correlation between employee satisfaction and organisational performance [8]
Social Circle Wellbeing assists you in increasing and maintaining employee satisfaction.

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Networking & Connections

Social Circle Wellbeing runs events that are open to all of our subscribers' employees.
As well as making and reinforcing relationships within your company, there are real opportunities to make useful connections with individuals throughout Greater Manchester, whilst engaging in enjoyable and rewarding activities.
Feedback from our venture with the Manchester Chamber Of Commerce is that networking on Social Circle Wellbeing events is easy in an relaxed environment where the focus is to unwind and have fun.

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Employer Responsibility

Employers have a duty of care to their employees, to look after both their physical and mental welfare which goes beyond physical safety, to include stress, anxiety [10]
We offer a wide range of enjoyable events and classes for your staff, to help shift the needle in the right direction, and contribute towards healthy, happy and focussed staff.

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Steve, Social Circle Wellbeing

Steve Sutherland, Founder.

By subscribing to Social Circle Wellbeing for a low monthly fee, your employees will be entitled to attend any of our organised and curated 150+ monthly events.

Get in touch today to find out how easy it is to keep your staff happy, motivated and thriving.

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At Social Circle Wellbeing, we provide you with a package that entitles your employees to attend 150+ enjoyable events each month in order to help boost their psychological, physical and social wellbeing.
Please read on to learn more about these Pillars Of Wellbeing.

The Pillars Of Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing can be broken down into three interdependent dimensions: Psychological Wellbeing, Physical Wellbeing and Social Wellbeing.

Our programme of 150+ monthly events address these three pillars, resulting in a happier, more productive workforce.

Three Elements Of Workplace Wellbeing

Psychological Wellbeing

Psychological, or Mental Wellbeing is concerned with factors such as appreciation at work, a feeling of purpose, and connection with friends and colleagues. In this last respect, it is closely linked with Social Wellbeing.
Staff attending any of our 150+ monthly events will feel valued and rewarded. We also run regular events that will contribute to positive feelings of Psychological Wellbeing:

  • We offer opportunities to learn new skills such as cooking, dancing, rock climbing or learning an musical instrument.
  • There are many de-stressing events, such as mediation and yoga, and mindfulness and healing classes.
  • Many events are just enjoyable, with free cinema trips, cultural events and group events - enjoyment is key.

So go on - let your staff know that you appreciate them - sign up with Social Circle Wellbeing today! Want to know more?.

Physical Wellbeing

Physical fitness has been proven to reduce anxiety, and single sessions of moderate exercise have proven to improve recovery from stressors and reduce short term reactions to stress.
At Social Circle Wellbeing, we provide a range of activities each month for all abilities and interests - from gentle walks to gym and fitness classes>

  • Boxercise, Gym Sessions, Step Class, Legs Tums & Bums
  • Yoga, Pilates
  • Football, Badminton, Squash, Indoor Rock Climbing
  • Walking Weekends, Manchester Walking Tours, Countryside Walks
  • Salsa Dancing, Jive Dancing
  • Nutrition & cookery Workshops

Give your staff the opportunity to look after their Physical Wellbeing, whilst having fun! Want to know more?.

Social Wellbeing

Feeling a connection with friends and colleagues is important to an individual's sense of belonging and happiness. A lack of connection can be stressful, and lead to time off work and reduced productivity.
Many events at Social Circle Wellbeing are group events, and are all hosted by friendly, professional hosts who are all experienced in making everyone feel welcome,
Enjoying time with colleagues, and those from other walks of life, is key to

  • Quizzes, Walking Tours, Meals
  • Concerts & Nights Out
  • Discounted Holiday Trips
  • City Breaks
  • Team Games & Activities, Escape Room Events
  • Classes & Workshops

Social Circle Wellbeing offers a safe but stimulating environment in which to strengthen work relationships, build friendships and have fun.

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For more information on how to help and support your employees by utilising these great events please complete the form below or click here to make a phone appointment – well call you back.