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Greater Manchester

build team cohesion & morale

150+ events each month

increase employee wellbeing, productivity and happiness

We host over 150 events, trips and classes each month that will help your employees to bond, relax and feel valued and rewarded.
You will benefit from a more motivated, productive and happy workforce.

  • One low monthly fee for your company
  • Your staff have access to 150+ monthly events
  • Attract, motivate and retain staff

Prioritising the wellbeing of your staff increases productivity, morale, job satisfaction and reduces staff absence - for a full list of benefits, see The Benefits Of Social Circle Wellbeing.

For an idea of the kind of events that we offer, see wellbeing events.

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Steve, Social Circle Wellbeing

Steve Sutherland, Founder.

By subscribing to Social Circle Wellbeing for a low monthly fee, your employees will be entitled to attend any of our organised and curated 150+ monthly events.

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Free cinema trips, fitness sessions and sports events, learning new skills, country walks, tours, theatre trips, bars and meals, guided Manchester tours, quizzes and even city breaks and weekends away [see more events.]

Every £1 invested in well-being in the workplace yields £3 - £6 in improved efficiency and productivity

Dame Carol Black, Senior Policy Advisor
  • Over 150 free professionally-hosted events each month, including restaurant meals, comedy, sport and cinema.
  • Free Fitness classes and Walks in the Country.
  • Low-cost City and Activity Breaks with fellow professionals.
  • Classes and Workshops to increase knowledge and confidence, including cookery, music and languages.
  • A diverse range of pure fun social events for all ages and abilities.
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