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Social Circle during Covid-19

Social Circle Wellbeing would normally host over 150 events involving outdoor trips and classes to help employees to bond, relax and feel valued and rewarded.
Obviously due to Covid-19, this is sadly not possible at the moment.

Does this stop Social Circle? Absolutely not!!
We have been successfully connecting like minded professional people through fun and exciting events for well over 10 years.
We see that during this pandemic, the need for Social Circle has never been greater.

We have very quickly adapted our calendar to provide online resources and inspirational classes, all done from the comfort of your own home. To top it off, all of these events are absolutely FREE.

Check out our Events page to see all the amazing events available at the touch of a button.

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Steve, Social Circle Wellbeing

Steve Sutherland, Founder.

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Free cinema trips, fitness sessions and sports events, learning new skills, country walks, tours, theatre trips, bars and meals, guided Manchester tours, quizzes and even city breaks and weekends away [see more events.]

Every £1 invested in well-being in the workplace yields £3 - £6 in improved efficiency and productivity

Dame Carol Black, Senior Policy Advisor
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