Social events to
reconnect, reward and
revitalise your team

If you're looking to attract and retain the best talent, strengthen employee relationships and inject fun into the humdrum, Social Circle Wellbeing is for you.

We organise both custom and pre-packaged social events for small Manchester-based businesses that feel restricted by time, budget or resources.

"We're a small team of sixteen and so historically we've always relied on a member of our team to plan ad-hoc social events. Now we've started working with Social Circle Wellbeing, we'll never look back. Everything is taken care of, it's extremely affordable and has really brought our team closer together."

What is
social wellbeing?

You already know how valuable your people are, and you already know happy employees + happy customers = a successful business.

Social wellbeing is essential to creating strong relationships and a sense of belonging, improving our overall health. While social wellbeing is nothing new, the pandemic instigated a brighter spotlight on leaders. They're now expected to turn conversations around employee wellbeing into action.

The working world is full of EAP providers and wellbeing qualifications - why not bring something to your organisation that is actionable, affordable and engages the whole team? At Social Circle Wellbeing, we'll take the hassle out of planning social events for your company. We'll plan bespoke activities tailored to your business's needs, budget and employee preferences, ensuring everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

Whether you're getting to know each other in the great outdoors, over a few drinks or a night away, planning regular social activities will help rebuild connections and form strong working relationships, building a happier, healthier and more satisfied workforce.

We offer one-off and regular events designed to:

Provide your employees with a sense of belonging
Boost productivity
Re-establish human connection, social interaction and strengthen co-worker relationships
Maintain your company culture across a distributed workforce
Improve employee retention and job satisfaction
Reward your team for their hard work, show they're valued and create positive experiences
Attract the top talent

Meet your coordinator, Steve

Hi, I'm Steve.

I have 10 years' experience organising and running events for Social Circle Wellbeing's parent company, Social Circle. Social Circle is a members-only activity group for Manchester-based individuals interested in socialising, exploring and trying new experiences.

When the pandemic hit, most of us had to make drastic changes to how we interacted and socialised - not only in our personal lives, but in our work lives too. Our research found that HR professionals, founders and SME leaders were struggling to find the time and resources to manage and look after their employee social wellbeing.

While the global pandemic is temporary, it's unlikely that we'll ever go back to the traditional 9-5, Monday-Friday world of work that most of us were used to. As more people work across a distributed workforce, a sense of ‘belonging' is more important than ever. Social Circle Wellbeing was born out of the need for human connection in the corporate world.

I work with small businesses to ensure that their social wellbeing activities are managed effectively from start to finish. Whether planning a one-off event, or regular social activities, I'll manage everything from the planning stages right the way through to the taxi home!

"Steve has a knack for organising events that leave you feeling refreshed, energetic and with the glue applied back to the dispersed workplace dynamics. He is passionate about bringing the connection back into the real world and taking a breather from the virtual working from home environments. He will help you make the most of spending time together as a team and give your workplace a safe, fun and social opportunity to blow off some steam and feel connected."

Social wellbeing

Our programmes give your staff the opportunity and space to socialise, re-establish workplace friendships, build new connections across multiple teams and learn from one another.

workplace wellbeing

Bespoke Programmes

Tell us about your people, what you want to achieve and we'll carve out a programme that moulds to the needs, budget and timeframe of your staff and business.

Prefer a pre-packaged programme ready to go? Here are a few we prepared earlier …

Grab & Go

Go Social
Darts at Flight Club

An evening out to Flight Club in the heart of Manchester's buzzing city centre. We'll organise your restaurant reservation and copious rounds of social darts to keep you busy and mingling.
£700 (per 10-person group)

Get Physical
Peak District Ramble

Escape the office and trade it in for a day out in the great outdoors. Embrace the connections, conversations and get to know your co-workers during a ramble in the Peak District.
£500 (per 10-person group)

Lake District Escape

Enjoy a tranquil night away in Keswick, Lake District. This one-night-stay in twin accommodation, includes a ramble both days and the opportunity to kickstart social connections and relationships.
£2000 (per 10-person group)
Prices are set out for guidance purposes and accurately reflect our package prices for a 10-person group. Prices may vary according to selection of our Bespoke Programmes, client requirements and/or group sizes.

Our 3-step

Step 1
Free Chemistry Meeting

The 20-minute chemistry meeting with Steve gives you the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like. Steve will get to understand your business wellbeing needs and you'll talk through the options available.

By signing up to the chemistry meeting, there is no obligation to sign up for a package. The chemistry meeting is designed to ensure this is 100% right for you, your business and employees.

Step 2
Pick a package or bring in our social coordinator

Pick a pre-organised event straight off the bat and allow us to sort the specifics and logistics. Alternatively, Steve will act as an extension of your team, get to know your employees and organise events based on his open and honest 1-2-1 discussions with your team. This gives your employees the opportunity to pick Steve's brain and for us to tailor your chosen package:

Social Package- Meals, drinks and evenings out

Physical Package- Walks, hikes and outdoor activities

Staycation Package- An organised night away with pre-organised accommodation, food and outdoor activities

Step 3
Let's Go

It's time to get started. If you want to test a package before committing to regular events, that's absolutely fine. We'll review each event after it takes place to make sure we're always providing events that appeal to both your employee and organisational needs.

We're always happy to schedule in catch-ups and reviews to tweak and alter your package as we go.

Prices vary due to team size, package and frequency.


How involved should we be in planning the events?
You can be as involved as little or as much as you like. If you already have an idea for an event, we'll take care of the logistics. If you have no idea where to begin, we'll take care of everything.
Will a social coordinator be attending the event?
Yes, Steve will attend the event to make sure that everything runs smoothly so your team can switch off and enjoy.
I live outside Greater Manchester, can we still partner with Social Circle Wellbeing?
Yes – while we tend to work with businesses in Greater Manchester, we also work with some companies in the surrounding areas. If you're not sure, get in touch and we can hatch a plan of action.
How do plan events with government restrictions?
We take health and safety very seriously and always ensure our events are compliant with government guidelines. Our customers' safety is paramount and we are open and transparent about the measures we take place. If you would like to discuss your event's specifics in more detail, please get in touch.
Can we plan regular events with Social Circle Wellbeing?
Absolutely, we can plan regular activities to keep your team engaged or a one-off social event, depending on your business objectives.
I'm not sure what kind of event we want, can you help?
Of course; we have over 10 years' experience planning events and so we're always on hand to offer advice and guidance You can opt for one of our pre-packaged events or we can even come in and work with your team to find out more about what they'd like.


By signing up to the chemistry meeting, there is no obligation to sign up for a package. The chemistry meeting is designed to ensure this is 100% right for you, your business and employees.

By signing up to the chemistry meeting, there is no obligation to sign up for a package. The chemistry meeting is designed to ensure this is 100% right for you, your business and employees.

You've got nothing to lose, book your time directly in our calendar.

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