A corporate wellbeing strategy post-COVID: why free gym memberships are no longer enough.

Whilst gym memberships are more than a large number of employers offer their team, they simply do not suffice when it comes to taking care of the multiple needs of your staff that impact their everyday lives. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great when I see a gym membership as a job benefit, but I simply cannot accept it as the only employee welfare approach of a modern company. Not after the profound impacts the pandemic has had on our society.

Reflecting on the last 12 months and the outcomes of the pandemic on the general public, it becomes clear that mental health remains a taboo subject. It is however slowly becoming more prominent amongst casual conversation topics, thanks to ordinary people speaking out on the matter online, experts sharing their knowledge online and mental health becoming part of education for the younger generations to come.
Whilst this may be of the few positive consequences of the global spread of the virus, it becomes a challenge as soon as we start discussing our preparations to go back to work.

Certain tactics to employee wellbeing become an issue when a company chooses a generic path of ‘mediation or gym classes’, ‘quit smoking support’ or worse, going through a ‘check-in with yourself list’ as a group so individuals can reflect on their own mental and emotional states. Frankly, this seems boring and unproductive. It’s always better than nothing, however all these things mentioned above are activities we can do at home. Yes, all things considered, that is a step forward in introducing the theme of wellbeing into the business. But that’s all it is: an introduction.

Covid-19 has left many of our lives void of social interaction, human connection and plain, simple fun. Don’t let this be a lasting effect on your team. Take action and reconsider your wellbeing policies, implement a strategy and talk to your team about how you can support them on return to work. At Social Circle Wellbeing, we offer pre-packaged and custom social events allowing your team to reconnect and rekindle their sense of belonging to the company. There’s no better way to do this than a night-out (in newly opened pubs), a day out hiking or a weekend away in the Lake District!

I would like to direct you to this article by HRnews: http://hrnews.co.uk/employee-demand-for-health-support-up-70-in-lockdown-three , which reveals some surprisingly high statistics in relation to the demand in health support in employees during all three lockdowns we have experienced in the UK. It states that ‘the growing dependence on working online and fully digital has triggered an alarming rise in employee stress’. In the long-term this can lead to anxiety, depression and burnout. We have written about this on our LinkedIn page, as we feel passionate about making a difference to these figures. Nobody should feel helpless and suffer in silence. Good management and senior staff have a responsibility to ensure your wellbeing and it is vital to voice your concerns whenever they appear.
One of the things we based Social Circle Wellbeing’s mission on is happy employees + happy customers = a successful business. Whilst social wellbeing is not a new concept, the pandemic has distanced us from this part of our lives. It is our goal to change that, as we believe this is the key to productive, happy and confident employees. If you are interested in working with us do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, and to book your FREE 20-minute chemistry meeting.