Back to Work: A post-Covid-19 Edition

Back to Work: A post-Covid-19 Edition

School’s nearly out for summer! On the flip side, many of us are returning to the workplace as restrictions finally ease. And, as school kids will soon be itching
 to get back and see their friends after the long summer break, returning to work post-Covid inspires a similar raring-to-go excitement… although, are you also feeling slightly daunted? Perhaps more than slightly? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. This is especially the case for employees who have recently – ‘recently’, in the context of lockdown, now extends to over a year ago – joined companies, and haven’t yet met their co-workers. 

Remote vs. Real Life 

To be fair, working from home has proven to have its perks. Not only has it allowed employees to work in a far more relaxed environment (those of you working in pyjamas – no judgement here), it has also driven businesses to step up and truly prove their adaptability. The transition from day-to-day life at the office to working remotely has been an immense challenge – which so many businesses have braved, adapted to and even thrived on.

However, the inverse transition from remote working to returning back to the workplace – e.g. actual, real life, in person interaction – is a whole other type of challenge. And while working from home has its pros, ultimately, we are social creatures; humans have been proven to function better, and be generally happier, in a social environment. Plus, productivity is heavily linked to employee wellbeing and satisfaction. 

So, how can businesses ensure that employees will be happy and mentally well as they return to work? For, while we may have relished working from the comfort of our dining room table, it is well and truly time to be welcomed back to the real world. 

Wake Up from Zoom Fatigue!

Remember those hours spent glued to your screen, attempting to look wide awake – often through excessive nodding – for the remainder of the meeting? Zoom fatigue is a real thing. Also, the prior need to substitute in person meetings for Zoom calls has created another new ‘normal’ which we need to gradually unnormalize. This ultimately begins with the first day back at the office. And whether you’re comfortable with an elbow bump, a handshake or a fully-fledged hug, it’ll be wonderfully surreal to be holding these meetings in person again. 

Naturally, returning to work after such a long period is anxiety-inducing for many employees. Do you yearn for human connection, but somehow feel more disconnected than ever? Don’t fret – this is where Social Circle Wellbeing comes in.    

What is Social Circle Wellbeing?

Social Circle Wellbeing is a company dedicated to making this transition from Zoom to being ‘back in the room’ as seamless as possible. We organise custom and pre-packaged social events for small businesses across Greater Manchester and the rest of the UK, aiming to strengthen co-worker relationships, improve job satisfaction and boost productivity. We plan nights out and overnight ‘staycations’ in the city, where teams can reconnect, revitalise and be rewarded for their commitment and hard work over lockdown. Plus, after a year spent locked down inside our homes, there is nothing more rejuvenating than the great outdoors! 

At Social Circle Wellbeing, employees’ mental wellbeing is our priority. Our company has been specifically forged as a response to the impact of Covid-19 on small businesses, and subsequent wellbeing within the workplace. As human beings, we should all care about our peers’ mental health – and our own. Also, mental health is important from a business perspective; for any employer, the mental health and welfare of their employees should be at the forefront of their business strategy. After all, a happy workforce equals a productive workforce. 

Get in Touch Now 

Unlike other corporate wellbeing programmes, our social events are actionable, affordable and promise to engage the whole team. Not to mention, the entire process is effortless for you, as we do all the hard work. 

So, if you feel like your team could benefit from an evening dedicated to re-establishing social connections, building camaraderie and getting to know each other outside the workplace, get in touch now. Even if, as an employer, you simply want to reward your hardworking employees with a well-earned night of team bonding, relaxation and fun – Social Circle Wellbeing is here to help! 

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